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BEARLOOM TEDDIES, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Recycled Fur Coat Bears & Memory Bears

10 - 14" bears for sale

Eira - 13" fox fur speckled with brown wolf fur


Alvin - 14" mink paw bear with overalls


Keaton - 10.5" bear created from vintage Nutria fur (spiky but still soft). He's even parted his hair to one side so he can look extra special for you.


Hastings is an old fashioned 12" bear created from a vintage mink paw coat.


Tristam - 10" bear with curved legs created from a vintage mink coat


The Amazing Alonzo - 11" vintage mink bear


Eleanor - 14" brown lamb bear with hat and fox stole


Carmella - 10.5" bear created from a light brown lamb garment. This is a more unusual colour and likely to the be the last one from this colour for a while.


Gawain - 10" bear created from a vintage white & mottled brown rabbit jacket.


Edmond - 10" bear created from a vintage river otter coat.


Jonesy - 12" bear created from a vintage fur seal jacket. It's unusual to find one in brown rather than the more common black colour.


Duff 'the fluff' is a 13" black possum fur bear. He has eyelids to help keep his fur out of his eyes.


Gavin - 11.5" mink bear - quite the old fashioned fellow.


Woodrow - 11" bear created with super soft muskrat fur from a vintage coat.